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  Pocket Door Frames  
Check out these features!

The frame and pocket are shipped completely and assembled (less wood door and pull).

The pocket cavity is completely incombustible.

The snap on trim can be removed to allow for installation of replacement door( i.e. door exchange)

The 2-0/0" Profile snap on trim completes an appealing look, designed to closely resemble our swing door frame.

Wall boards are installed after the frame, allowing all the rough work to be completed prior to the installation of the finish trim.

Available in: 4-7/8" throat for 1-3/4" wood door.

You may use a Western Integrated aluminum door with our pocket frames.

The pocket frame is available for single or double doors.

Rough Opening Info.

Single: Width + Width + 2-1/2"   Height + 1-3/4"      (RO width updated 03/18/10)
Double: Width + Width + 2-1/2"   Height + 1-3/4"
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