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  90 Minute Door Frames  
Door Type for Positive Pressure

Any listed category A steel or wood door for 90 minute positive pressure.

Door Type for Negative Pressure

Any listed category B steel or wood door for 90 minute negative pressure.


Acceptable Hardware / Limitations

  Hinges: Per NFPA 80, table 2-8.1.1 (pivots are not allowed)
  Latches: Cylindrical, Mortise with maximum 5" backset
  Fire Exit Devices: Mortise exit devices; Surface-Mounted Vertical Rod exit devices;
  Door Bolts: Automatic or Manual Flush Bolts; Surface Mounted Bolts: Deadbolts
  Closing Devices: Surface Mounted Closers
  Protection Plate: Surface - Mounted, Maximum 40" high
  Astragal Required on pairs
  Electric Hinge Prep Allowed

 Note: Consult with door manufacture on acceptable hardware and limitations

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